Building Permits From Authorities

Rayan is approved consultant by Dubai Municipality for G+12 category. Our team is experienced in doing all the submissions and follow ups to obtain the building permits and process all necessary documents and submission with other authorities as per the regulations.

Architectural Design

Our highly talented architects have the capability to design various types of projects including commercial, residential and industrial projects. Our design combines all the state of art architectural elements considering the modern aspects and local cultures.

Structural Design

Our experienced structural engineers assess, analyze and recommend the client on which model to use and they work closely with the architects to ensure that the most effective structural system is executed.

MEP Design

Our mechanical and electrical engineering team work closely together to provide sustainable design solution which produce healthy buildings avoiding useless energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources.

Project Management

Throughout the project life cycle our dedicated project managers will make sure that all project stages are completed on time, within budget and complied with quality standards.

Construction Supervision

Our site supervision team has an extensive knowledge of all engineering disciplines and they are trained to reserve our client’s interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health and safety during all the project life cycle.

Value Engineering

Our specialized and trained engineers provide the most economic design solutions through a high design techniques serving the building function, safety aspects and effective cost control together for the best engineering.

Facade Engineering

Specialized in design and engineering of facade and curtain walls for different types of construction including all elements of steel, aluminum and glass materials.

Structural Assessment Of Buildings

Rayan has a wide experience in structural evaluation and assessment of various types of steel and concrete buildings and structures. The specialized team provides practical solutions and cost effective repair methods to enhance the performance of the structure and provide detailed methodology for strengthening procedures with professional assessment for the residual life span of the building.